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Simplifies your Life through happy discoveries!

How can your Life be simplified through happy discoveries?

As part of our daily lifestyle, we have many experiences and participate in many activities;
In essence - Each of us collectively know many "Finds".

Some of our experiences and activities are productive and some are not so. And we wish to be more productive...

For example: the tips that were very useful to you, the hack you used to get things done, the board games you enjoyed, the discoveries you made during your routine that were helpful or not so useful, Items you have at home which were helpful or not so helpful to you, etc.

One way to simplify your Life :

By knowing and learning lifestyle experiences, activities i.e. "Finds" from one another.

FindsMine,   a lifestyle sharing app platform with spotlight on one's Finds and experiences without revealing personal information.

Would you like to read others' Finds and benefit from those or share your Finds with others?

with FindsMine app platform everyone can

  • read or share Finds, Discoveries, Tips, Hacks ...
  • and much more with others and mutually benefit
We respect your privacy and don't require any of your personal information

Story behind the FindsMine app

As part of our daily lifestyle, we have many experiences and participate in many activities. We wanted a nice way to share what our experiences are   :   using various tips, hacks, discoveries, products etc. which are part of our lifestyle. Are they helpful or useless?

By knowing and learning lifestyle experiences and activities from one another, everyone can achieve a positive and productive lifestyle!

We created FindsMine platform to allow for sharing such Finds without compromising your privacy. Hope you like the FindsMine platform and share your Finds with all of us.

Lakshmikar Kuravi

Co-Founder & CEO

ProgBric, Inc.

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